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Festival Concert – 3 November

Malta International Choir Festival 2017
July 14, 2017
Festival Concert – 4 November
October 25, 2017

The Ethnic Choral Sounds concert is being organised as part of the Malta International Choir Festival, on Friday 3 November, is an evening of ethnic choral singing during which the audience will be able to enjoy a colourful, cultural slideshow from around the world. Each of the seventeen participating choirs will be performing music from their own country, mostly in folk costume and some also accompanied by traditional dance movements.

ShenZhen Ruby Art Troupe, China Conductor: Yang Qiuming

  1. Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hung by Zhenru

The Academic Choir of the Silesian University of Technology, Poland   Conductor: Tomasz Giedwiłło

  1. Namawiała Kasia by  Romuald
  2. Krakowiak by  Stanisław Kazuro

Coro Lorenzo Perosi, Italy Conductor: Maria Grazia Garau

  1. Canzoni e Tracca by Marco Cresta
  2. Tracca by Marco Cresta 

CANTAMI, Germany Conductor: Melli Mayer-Lueck

  1. Griechischer Wein by Juergens Udo
  2. Ueber’n See by Maierhofer Lorenz

VOCA, Malta Conductor: Nathalie Camilleri

  1. Maltese Medley arr. by Stephen Ferrito

Chamber choir ‘CON MOTO’, Lithuania Conductor: Audronė Stepankevičiūtė

  1. Išjojo jojo, sodauto (Brothers went out) – Traditional Lithuanian song
  2.  Buvo dūda Vilniuj (The pipe was in Vilnius) arr. by Jonas Tamulionis
  3. Eisva mudu abudu (Both of us will go) arr. by Gintautas Venislovas

The Kefar Sava Chamber Choir, Israel Conductor: Aharon Harlap

  1. Shiru L’Adonai (“Sing unto the Lord”) – Aharon Harlap
  2. Old love song (in Hebrew) – Nachum Heiman
  3. Shalom Aleichem (“Peace be with you”) – Traditional song

Paduan Suara Mahasiswa Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia Conductor: Agustinus Bambang Jusana

  1. Hela Rotan (Maluku) arr. by Ken Steven
  2.  Sik-sik Sibatumanikam (Batak, Sumatera Utara) arr. by Pontas Purba

St Paul’s Choral Society, Malta Conductor: Hugo Agius Muscat

  1. L-Imnarja by Carmelo Pace 

August 07, Estonia Conductor: Urve Uusberg

  1. Millal saame sinna maale  by – Veljo Tormis
  2. Ära löö noorikut – Veljo Tormis
  3. Kiigelaul II  – Veljo Tormis

Choir Music Friends, Romania Conductor: Florin Emil Nicolae Badea

  1. Sârba pe loc by – Gheorghe Danga
  2. Sări mandra sări draga by – Sabin Pautza

Latvia, Malta Conductor: Gunta Vavere

  1. Rīga dimd (Riga resounds) Latvian folk song Jānis Cimze
  2. Neba maize pate nāce arr. by Selga Mence
  3. Pūt vējiņi Latvian folk song Andrejs Jurjāns

Gente Habanera, Spain Conductor: Mar Calvo Calvo

  1. Zorongo gitano  arr. by – Federico García-Lorca
  2.  O voso gallo – Manuel Groba

Poznański Chór Kameralny Towarzystwa Muzycznego im. H.Wieniawskiego w Poznaniu, Poland Conductor: Matelska Katarzyna

  1. Szła dzieweczka Traditional  – Antoni Gref
  2. Krakowiak by Stanisław Moniuszko

Kulturno umetniško društvo Duri Col, Slovenia        Conductor: Veronika Škedelj

  1. Dekle je pralo srajčke dvej – Walter Lo Nigro
  2. Kantaj Nineta – Kumar Aldo

Carillon, Italy Conductor: Caterina Pasetto

  1. La Fameja Dei Gobon Traditional
  2.  O bella ciao Traditional

Vocalensemble Landsberg, Germany Conductor: Matthias Utz

  1. “Es flog ein kleins Waldvögelein”  Traditional  Michael Jäckel
  2. Kein schöner Land in dieser Zeit Traditional arr. by Wolfram Buchenberg

Kaunas mixed choir Kamertonas, Lithuania Conductor: Kęstutis Jakeliūnas

  1. Zuvu dainos (Songs of fishes) by Giedrius Svilainis




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